Bathroom News

Just a brief note from Cohen Quadrangle to announce that installation of student bathroom pods will shortly begin (surely the news you’ve all been waiting for!).

After a short summer delay, the pods are on their way to Oxford and will be installed at Cohen Quadrangle in early October. Amazingly, they travel almost fully assembled which means that installation at their destination should be fast and smooth.

Every one of the 90 student bedrooms at Cohen Quadrangle will be en suite. You can read more about the bathrooms (and their Spanish provenance) in our earlier post.

Bathroom pods ready for installation at Cohen Quadrangle
Bathrooms – as far as the eye can see
CQ bathroom 2
Architect’s rendering of a bathroom pod

Stay tuned for our next Cohen Quad update, featuring steel roof trusses!

Inside a Student Bedroom

The first student bedrooms are starting to take shape!  Cohen Quad’s building team have now begun to construct the individual rooms that our students will occupy.

Cohen Quad will provide accommodation for 90 students (including five bedrooms specially adapted for wheelchair users).  Each room will have a bed, large desk, shelving, storage and plenty of natural light.  The large windowsill doubles up as additional seating space.

All the bedrooms are en suite; click here to read our earlier post about Cohen Quad’s modern bathrooms.

In other news, the first floor slab has now been cast across the site, the second floor slab has been cast by the original façade at the east of the site, and the stair and lift cores are progressing to the third floor on the east wing.  Grey skies cannot dampen our enthusiasm!

More updates soon.

Student bedrooms under construction on the first floor (where you can see the orange supports).
The second floor slab, where student bedrooms are being laid out.
“Inside” a student bedroom; you can see the large window which will flood the room with light and the smaller window to the right, which will provide natural light where the long desk will be.
Student Room Window
Architect’s impression of a student bedroom (you can see Worcester College in the distance).
Student Room
Architect’s impression of a student bedroom.
First Floor
Plan showing the student bedrooms on the first floor.

Spanish pods – the modern student en suite

A mock-up of Cohen Quad’s bathroom pods has been constructed at a production factory in southern Spain.

The College is about to approve the final design, enabling full production to begin. The pods will be fully assembled at the factory (including tiling, painting, fixtures and fittings) before they are delivered to Walton Street for installation during July and August.  Every student resident on the site will have an en suite bathroom of their own.

We hope that those Exonians who remember the days of traipsing across the Back Quad to reach the communal bathrooms in their old location at the bottom of Staircase 9 will be particularly impressed by the College’s ablutionary progress!

CQ bathroom 2
Rendering of a bathroom pod on Cohen Quadrangle
CQ bathroom 1
Rendering of a bathroom pod on Cohen Quadrangle