FitzHugh Auditorium revealed

This roof top picture, kindly taken by local resident Fran Monks earlier today, reveals Cohen Quad’s auditorium.


The Auditorium (front right of picture) with its distinctive curved roof

Now completely clear of scaffolding, the stone work and Rimex tiling are visible giving a further sense of the beautiful scope and nature of Alison Brooks’ design for Cohen Quad.

Internally, the stone cladding is being completed while ensuring that the wishbone glulam beams remain visible as a stunning feature of the space.

The auditorium, to be known as the FitzHugh Auditorium, will be able to seat 110 people for a lecture or concert and 100 people for a banquet. We’re looking forward to being able to host symposiums, concerts, student performances, gala dinners, and even film nights here and are sure that the students will come up with even more ideas (perhaps the next Burns Night Ceilidh)!


The internal beams of the FitzHugh Auditorium

Lecture Theatre

Architect render of the finished Auditorium

Walton Street façade of Cohen Quad revealed

Last Wednesday (14th September) was a big moment at Cohen Quad.

During the day the scaffolding was gradually removed from the front façade on Walton Street, revealing the stunning new roof and the beautifully cleaned stonework. The original character of the building has been retained, as planned, and it was generally agreed by all the onlookers that the new roof with its dormer windows added to the aesthetics of the building.


The building positively glowed in the afternoon sunlight and the muted tones of the roof blended in well with the brickwork of the local housing.


As can just be made out, the front door has been lowered to street level and recessed so that visitors walk under the opening arch before being admitted into the new quadrangle.

Work will begin shortly to tidy up the footpaths and, in the next few weeks, we’ll see the scaffolding come down along Worcester Place.

Cohen Quadrangle gradually revealed

This week we’ve been excited to see some of the exterior of Cohen Quadrangle! As scaffolding starts to come down the upper floors have been revealed on both Walton Street and Worcester Place.


You can begin to get a sense of the dramatic new roof and dormer windows and how they curve into the brickwork of the original Edwardian building. The chequerboard look of the roof is very clear and striking but remains very muted in colour, as planned.


The views over Jericho are stunning, particularly from the full glass dormer which can be seen in the picture above, just where the scaffolding restarts along Worcester Place.


With clear views over the Blavatnik School of Government and the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, this dormer window provides a special recess on the top floor in which you can reflect over the dreaming spires.

Work continues apace and it won’t be long before even more of the building will be visible.