Rimex tiles installed at Cohen Quad

A few weeks ago, it was possible to get up close to the first of the Rimex tiles that had been installed at Cohen Quad creating the distinctive checker-board roof.


The Rimex-tiled roof

The tiles are of a wonderful muted bronze and champagne colour with an unusual texture. They catch, but don’t reflect, the sunlight. Looking at these close up, it’s not hard to imagine just how spectacular they will look when all the wrapping and scaffolding is removed.


The Rimex tiles around a window

However, many people have asked where the design concept originated and the answer is simple: from within Jericho itself.

Jericho House

A Jericho house

Jericho was the physical heart of the arts and crafts movement in Oxford instigated by Morris, Burne-Jones, and Ruskin over 100 years ago. This is evident in the wonderful brick work that we see in the buildings around Cohen Quad and even at Keble College.


Keble College

It’s also visible at Exeter in the Victorian tiling of the Chapel floor and its unique flèche (spire).

Chapel Floor

The Exeter College Chapel floor

Exeter Chapel fleche

Exeter Chapel flèche 

And given that these tiles are being hand-folded on-site, we’re confident that great masters such as Morris, Burne-Jones, and Ruskin would have approved!

Rimex tile single

Single Rimex tile held for scale

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