Cohen Quad: Not Just a Pretty Face

It’s a rainy Thursday afternoon in Oxford: surely the perfect time for a status update on Cohen Quadrangle!

We are pleased to report that the facade supports have now come down. The metal frame that held up the listed Edwardian frontage during the initial stages of construction has now been removed after 15 long months. Soon the building will be shrouded in scaffolding and plastic sheeting while the next phase of construction takes place.

Ruskin College’s governing body notes of 1912 describe this same view: “The new buildings present a handsome frontage to Walton Street. They are Georgian in design, and are a worthy addition to the many beautiful buildings.”

Exeter’s architect, Alison Brooks, incorporated the frontage into her plans for the redevelopment of the site, designing a modern building around it. Many of her designs for the rest of the building were inspired by this 1912 section.

Then… The retained facade and its metal supports, May 2015
…And now: the supports coming off, November 2015. (Oh for those summer days of blue skies and sunshine!)
Cohen Quadrangle’s facade, soon to be covered in scaffolding
The facade. The main entrance leads in to a Porters’ Lodge, with a seminar room on the right and offices on the left. Soon the windows on ground floor will be lowered to street level (see next image). The first and second floors will be student bedrooms.
Walton Street View Looking South
Architect’s impression of the completed building. Note how the windows on the ground floor go all the way down to street level, letting as much light into the rooms as possible

In other news, all the glulam beams are now installed in the auditorium, ready for the external walls to go up around them.

And finally, most of the building’s windows will arrive this week!  It never stops at Cohen Quadrangle.

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