Heavy Metal at Cohen Quadrangle

As promised, here is a pre-weekend update on the steel roof trusses at Cohen Qudrangle.

What is a roof truss?  It’s a structural framework designed to bridge the space above a room and to provide support for a roof.  Ours are made of steel and are now being installed at the site.  Excitingly, this means the full shape of the roof-line has become clear for the first time:

18 Sept 2
Steel roof cladding now showing the curved roof-line. Image by Fran Monks.

In the picture above you can see how metal wall framing and stone cladding has also begun.

Deputy Bursar Gez Wells pointing out the steel roof trusses of the top floor

In other news, glue-laminated spruce (“glulam” for short) is now being produced for Cohen Quad in a factory near Amsterdam. Made of individual laminations of solid timber glued together, glulam is larger and longer than standard logs. It is therefore perfect for use in both our South Cloister colonnade and as the timber frame for the auditorium.

The Deputy Bursar will shortly be asked to approve the glulam’s moisture content – then it will be shipped across to Oxford ready for installation.

Don’t tell me that we don’t keep you fully updated on all that is happening on Oxford’s most exciting building site!

Porters' Lodge
Architect’s render of the South Cloister colonnade, made of glulam, leading off the Porters’ Lodge and main entrance.
o4 cam2
Architect’s early designs of the auditorium.
o1 cam5
Auditorium with its distinctive curved glulam roof.

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