In Praise of Curves

Cohen Quad’s got curves!  The distinctive sides of Exeter’s new campus (see header photo above) are going up as we write.

The smooth, curved shape of the upper side walls and roof begins on the second floor:

The beginnings of the curved walls and roof in Cohen Quad’s west wing.
Closer view of the curved side walls. All of this floor will be taken up with student bedrooms.

It means that the student bedrooms which make up the second floor of the west wing will all enjoy a beautiful curved ceiling.

They will eventually look like this:

West Wing
West wing of Cohen Quad, with the auditorium in the foreground.

The next stage is to build the third floor on the east wing, taking the line of the curve even higher. Indeed construction has already begun at the east of the site, above the main entrance:

View of the third floor under construction, looking east from halfway down the site and towards the main entrance (you can see the tallest part of the retained 1913 facade in the top left-hand corner of the photo).
Looking west down the length of the site from a window on the third floor, currently under construction. You can see the curved sides of the second floor in the centre of the photo, behind the red crane.

This render shows the curves of the east wing with its three floors (left-hand side) and the west wing, which finishes at the second floor (right-hand side):ElevationStay tuned for our next update on the bricks and stone that will clad the building once the frame is completed.

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