Sounds of the 70s

A group of eager Exonians from 1970-74 visited Cohen Quad on a sunny Saturday as part of their Grand Gaudy (reunion event) at Exeter College.

The site visit followed introductory talks by Deputy Bursar Gez Wells and Hannah Constantine of Alison Brooks Architects on the vision behind the new campus and an explanation of the current stage of construction.

The group was able to walk around the site, moving from the basement to the ground-floor Learning Commons and up to the newly-laid first floor, where construction of the first student bedroom was under way.

All present enjoyed the opportunity to see the site first-hand and to get a sense of the scale of the building. It must also be said that they tackled their steel-capped boots, high-vis jackets, safety glasses, gloves and hard hats with characteristic Exonian jollity!

We are always delighted to take alumni and Friends of Exeter on hard-hat tours of the site; please email if you would like to know more.

Deputy Bursar Gez Wells describes the vision behind Cohen Quadrangle
Putting on PPE (Note to Oxonians: this is ‘personal protection equipment’, not ‘Politics, Philosophy and Economics’!)
From a vantage point at the side of the site, architect Hannah Constantine explains the current stage of construction
Martin (1972, Physics) and Rosy Smith hear about the Learning Commons, which will be right where they are standing
Andrew Popham (1974, Mathematics) surveying the development of the Learning Commons
The group give us their seal of approval!

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