Stepping Stones

This week Gez Wells, our Deputy Bursar, Hannah Constantine and Alison Brooks from Alison Brooks Architects, the College’s quantity surveyor and members of the Mace building team visited Hartham Park Quarry to inspect the stone that will be used to build Cohen Quadrangle.

Hartham Park, in the village of Corsham, near Bath, provided the stone that was used for the restoration of the Chapel in 2008. The quarry lies 70 feet underground in a tunnel that stretches underneath the entire village; this is the route that our intrepid team took to see the stone in situ.

400 tonnes of stone are to be quarried for use on Cohen Quad.  20 tonnes have already been quarried and are waiting to be cut into shape in a stonemason’s yard in Witney, Oxfordshire.

The way in to the underground quarry
The Exeter team inspect the stone
Cutting stone for the construction of Cohen Quad
Inside Hartham Park Quarry, 70 feet underground
Cohen Quad stone waiting to be cut in Witney
Then-Chaplain Helen Orchard inspects Hartham Park stone during the restoration of the College Chapel, May 2008

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