Climbing higher

You can now stand on the first floor of Cohen Quad! The area above the main entrance, Porters’ Lodge and ground floor seminar room has been laid during the last few days. Standing up here, you can look down the whole site as the rest of the first floor is completed.  Here are some photos taken on a glorious June afternoon in Jericho:

Standing on the first floor, directly above the Porters’ Lodge. The next two floors of the building will eventually reach and then go beyond the retained red-brick 1913 facade you can see on the right (currently covered in protective grey material).
Looking down the length of the site (west to east) from the first floor. To the right you can see more of the first floor being constructed. The red crane is standing in what will be the south quadrangle, which leads down to the basement cafe.
The basement space next to the cafe – this will be the College archive room for our 30,000 rare books and manuscripts.
The external side wall being constructed down the length of Worcester Place.
This photo is taken from the ground floor, looking towards the main entrance and the completed section of the first floor. This central area will become the Learning Commons.

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