Champagne and bronze – the roof at Cohen Quadrangle

We are delighted to announced that Cohen Quad’s stunning champagne and bronze roof has been approved by the City Council.

Last week the West Area Planning Committee, on behalf of Oxford City Council, met to review the roofing material proposed for Cohen Quadrangle.  Although both the shape of the roof and the fact that it would have metal tiling were approved as part of the original planning permission, it has taken over three years to reach an agreement for Exeter to have Rimex stainless steel tiles in these beautiful contrasting colours.

The creation of the tiles goes through three phases to ensure that they are attractive and will not reflect glare from sunlight:

  1. The raw stainless steel is anodised through a chemical dipping process to achieve a stable and consistent colour that does not deteriorate or dull down over time.
  2. The flat material is then rolled and texture is applied to add a subtle feature to the tile.
  3. The processed material is then bead-blasted to reduce any shine that has resulted from the texture processing.

The final design is a soft blend of tones that complement the other external materials of Bath stone, timber, and brick.  We cannot wait to see it on our building.

Cohen Quad's stunning champagne and bronze roof
Cohen Quad’s stunning champagne and bronze roof

New Morris and Burne-Jones windows for Exeter?

Exeter has been offered a rare opportunity: to purchase a pair of stained glass windows designed and executed by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, less than 10 years after these illustrious Exonians left the College.

The windows portray the parables of The Labourers in the Vineyard, Solomon Building the Temple, Noah Building the Ark and Christ with Three Disciples and they are in good condition, lying uninstalled in a church in North London.

The College is keen to acquire these pieces of art which were created by two of its most influential 19th century alumni. Alison Brooks, Cohen Quad’s architect, proposes to incorporate the windows into our new campus, thus merging Exeter’s past, present and future.

If you would like to help us with the project or would like more information on the windows, please contact in the Development Office.

Detail from Noah Building the Ark
Stained glass
One window of the pair